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An Overview of Sales Wound #4, The Anti-Selling Wound™ | Intuitive Business Woman

This is the overview article about Primary Sales Wound #4, The Anti-Selling Wound™. It explains: What the Anti-Selling Wound™ is How to know if you’re suffering from it Which other Sales Wounds™ you might also be suffering from It also provides numerous links to various case studies and examples of real people’s struggles with this…

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The Real Magic of The Holiday Season Is THIS | Intuitive Business Woman

In our modern world, the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of year. With presents to buy … parties to attend … decorations to hang … travel to endure … To say nothing of all the emotional upheaval that comes from having to face the reality of your “loved ones” (or the lack thereof)…

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Primary Sales Wound #3: The Selling Wound™ | Intuitive Business Woman

Are you having a hard time selling more of your products and services? Is there a part of you that doesn’t even WANT to “get better at sales,” because the whole thing just makes you a little bit queasy? If so, I’ve got some radical ideas for you about where this queasiness comes from –…

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Book a Sales Wounds™ Interview Now

For the last few weeks, I’ve been inviting people to talk to me about their biggest struggles, to see if they could be explained – and fixed – by identifying the Sales Wound™ at the root of the problem. These conversations have been giving me fantastic stories for my soon-to-be-published next book, Heal Your Sales Wounds™ (which…

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The Evil Corporate Giant: a Money Wound™ Case Study | Intuitive Business Woman

This article is based upon an interview I did with Lisa Rodriguez, the owner of a Virtual Assistant company in New York.  This was one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve done yet, because getting to the root of Lisa’s real blockage created such a powerful shift in her & her business. Lisa’s primary blockage was…

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Claim Your Free Coaching Session

No catch – I’m offering free coaching sessions for the next 2 weeks, no strings attached. Cilck here to sign up for one At least, this session will feel like free coaching, even though it was never my intention to just give away free coaching sessions. Let me explain. For the last few weeks, I’ve…

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When a Woman Wears the Pants: a Love & Money Wound™ Case Study | Intuitive Business Woman

This case study is an excerpt of a Sales Wounds™ interview I did with a business owner named Lisa Rodriguez. Like a lot of people, Lisa was suffering from more than one Wound. During our conversation we discovered how she had suffered from: The Love & Money Wound™ (that’s what this article is about –…

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Primary Sales Wound #2: The Love & Money Wound™ | Intuitive Business Woman

The Love & Money Wound™ is the fear that you can’t have both money and love, freely and in abundance. The core self-limiting belief is, “Love & money are wrapped up together in many of my most intimate relationships, both present and past. So money is never just about money, and love is never just…

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“I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore” – an Anti-Selling Wound™ Case Study | Intuitive Business Woman

Lisa Rodriguez is a business owner who started out like so many others, undercharging for her services. But then she had a lightbulb moment that gave her the courage to realize she was worth a lot more. This post is the story of that lightbulb moment, a story I’m calling “Not Gonna Take It Anymore.”…

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