How to Close a Service-Based Sale | Intuitive Business Woman


This tutorial article explains the most powerful way to close a sale when: You’re selling face to face The product you’re selling is a service – financial, legal, web design, etc I’m assuming that you’ve already conducted your sales presentation, and you feel pretty confident at this point that you’re the best choice for your prospect. And…

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Healing the Visibility Wound™ | Intuitive Business Woman

Steps to Healing the Visibility Wound™ While I did consciously recognize that I wasn’t emailing my list, or publishing, or launching my program, I did not consciously realize at first, “Ah, this is my Visibility Wound flaring up!” That’s an important takeaway – that when you’re IN your Visibility Wound (or any kind of powerful…

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Is It Procrastination Or a Visibility Wound™? [Take the Quiz]

So you’re a world-class procrastinator and think you might actually be suffering from a Visibility Wound™. The questions below will help you determine whether your problem is simple procrastination, or something deeper. Plus we’ll get you on the path of healing if it turns out you are dealing with a Visibility Wound™. Take the Quiz Question #1: Do you…

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Primary Sales Wound #6: The Visibility Wound™

The Visibility Wound

Do you have more than 1 big project sitting on the shelf gathering dust – but weighing you down mentally? Do you ever miss important deadlines that end up costing you dearly? Do you have a seemingly endless to-do list? If so, you might be calling it procrastination, but there’s another label for you to consider…

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What to Do When You’re Harder On Yourself Than Anyone


I believe most people struggle, to some extent and at some point, with feelings of unworthiness. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not lovable.” “I’ll never be good enough.” “I’ll never be loved.” But what do we do with those feelings? I mean, what’s their impact on our lives? What does it actually mean to go…

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Is Constant Striving Really the Way to Be More Productive? | Intuitive Business Woman


The pressure and pace of our modern world makes so many of us feel like we have to push push push all the time. We want all good stuff, all accomplishment, all high-energy, and we want them all the time. But just like we can’t have summer all year round, we can’t be constantly striving…

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Wealth: Why You Don’t Have It [Take the Quiz]


So you say you want to be wealthy. Most people do. And yet, most people aren’t. Why is that? Here’s a 3-item test to begin to reveal why you’re not. Count the cash that’s in your wallet & write down the amount. Look at the balance in your checking account and write it down. Look at the balance…

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Primary Sales Wound #1: The Money Wound

The Money Wound

So many of us have mixed emotions about money:  We want it, but we don’t want it.  We love it, but we think we shouldn’t. We want the goodies money can provide, but we don’t want to have to deal with money. If any of this sounds like you, you’re suffering from The Money Wound™. The core…

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Cut Your Phone Time in Half … with This Simple Sales Strategy | Intuitive Business Woman

cut phone time in half BLOG

Do you have a list of people you know you “should” be following up with? Do you avoid doing it because the thought of all those phone calls just sounds so time consuming? In this article I offer 2 examples of quick, easy & inexpensive follow-up marketing that run circles around individual telephone follow-up, in terms…

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Re-Discover Your Passion in 15 Minutes or Less | Intuitive Business Woman

discover your passion blog

Do you ever wish you had more fun, excitement & passion in your life?  Do you ever wish you felt more passion for your business?     That’s how a client of mine was feeling when she came to our coaching session the other day – unmotivated, discouraged and overwhelmed. Definitely no passion!  In less than…

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